City of Pasadena Parking Permit Portal
Effective July 1, 2021, the City of Pasadena will no longer offer parking permits for the Union/El Molino Lot. Business parkers are encouraged to find another parking location as per the email sent to you on 5/24/21. Residential parkers needing overnight and daytime parking, or just overnight parking, now have the option to apply for an annual permit through this website. Please contact the Parking Office at 626-744-7665 with any questions.

Parking is a key component of the City of Pasadena’s Department of Transportation. There are various
types of parking permits issued within the City. Click ‘Request a Permit’ below to get started. For
additional information on Parking Services, please visit https://www.CityofPasadena.net/Transportation/.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at Parking@cityofpasadena.net or call us
at (626) 744-7665 during our regular office hours.

The City of Pasadena is going virtual! Once your permit request(s) have been approved and paid for,
you will automatically be issued a virtual permit utilizing the license plate(s) you provide during the application process.
Your license plate will be your permit. The City will not mail any physical permits.
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